Shed to Shed

Right back to where it all began...

It's ironic.....Phil started WDA in his garden shed 35 years ago. In those days there was no computer, internet, mobile phones or photocopier. Everything was drawn by hand on tracing paper on a drawing board and the printer used ammonia which filled the shed with toxic fumes every time it was used! 


Now, with Covid and the need to work from home Phil finds himself back in his garden shed but this time with a few modern upgrades. This new and improved shed is a lot bigger, has heating, more comfortable office furniture, a computer which is linked to the office server and access to Whatsapp and Zoom so he is well connected with clients and colleagues.

With the majority of the WDA team working from home for the past year, we are all looking forward to getting back to working together in the office soon.


February 2021