Featuring on Channel 4's New Property Show

The Old Mill - Extraordinary Extensions

Along with our clients, WDA are very excited that our project 'The Old Mill' at Milford On Sea will be featured this week on Channel 4's new property show called 'Extraordinary Extensions" hosted by none other than Tinie Tempah!


Our self-builder clients had been approached by a couple of other TV shows, but this one was particularly appealing to them as it focuses on extensions. The contemporary glazed extension at The Old Mill was key to the success of the project -  linking a group of renovated once derelict listed buildings together to form one family home.


A vast amount of glass has been installed throughout the buildings, including a WDA record for the longest single piece of architectural glass to be installed at 6.4m by 2.4m wide. Needless to say this piece of glass was very expensive!

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Watch it live:


Extraordinary Extensions

Channel 4

Wednesday 20th October

9pm - 10pm


Or stream it direct from Channel 4 when available.



Oct 2021