New Road, Blandford, Dorset

Front Cover of Self Build & Design Magazine

We are thrilled to see that our recently completed new house in Blandford Dorset has made the front cover of Self Build & Design Magazine!

Take a look at the case study here: New Road, Self Build & Design


The uninhabitable existing post World War 1 house was demolished and replaced with a modern vernacular home contructed from SIPS panels which Western Design Architects sensitively designed to reflect it's neighbouring properties.


The relationship to the two remaining WW1 timber-clad cottages is achieved in a number of ways including maintaining the same roof pitch, stepped ridge height and timber cladding. However, the new house is far larger than the existing property, with the new floor area sited predominately to the rear to maintain the scale of the front of the house.

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We love the simple modern aesthetic to the house which boasts open plan living and contemporary design throughout the interior.


Writer: Debbie Jefferey

Photograph: Peter Booton