London Planning Approval

The Glen, Harrow

An exciting planning approval in Harrow, London for two new detached houses to replace an existing bungalow


The two new contemporary dwellings have been sensitively designed in parallel to ensure that their footprint and mass integrate with the surrounding context and respect the sites constraints.


In order to achieve this, the design has taken direct influence from the existing bungalow with one frontage paying homage to the single storey pitch, whilst the other and the buildings rears have been staggered, allowing for more private spaces with clear delineation between the gardens.


The main mass of the houses are set back from the street and reflect the traditional local vernacular whilst adding a contemporary twist in the form of detailing. The pair of houses are brought together with a brick garden wall wrapping around and encompassing the two homes.

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Internally the houses have been carefully designed in line with traditional Hindu principles and incorporate Vastu Shastra’s  'science of Architecture' which celebrates the union between architecture and nature. Adopting this ethos has culminated in creating healthy homes that meet the requirements of modern day living.


August 2019