Revit Ready

Introducing BIM to the workplace

Following our successful BIM modelling for Talbot Heath School by our in-house Revit experts, Kelly Whitton, Pete Jennings and Tom Nock, we now have seven more Revit gurus in the making following our recent training programme.


BIM is Building Information Modelling – an intelligent 3D model-based process that allows construction industry professionals to plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure. Autodesk Revit is just one of the many tools available and is the market leader.


With the Talbot Heath School model, we successfully coordinated not only in-house but also with M&E engineers MLM and structural engineers Smith Foster, and we are working collaboratively with the successful contractor Acheson, and many sub-contractors and fabricators to realise the project.

We are now starting to incorporate Revit into many of our new projects including a recent competition for a multi storey commercial building and also several private dwellings both new build and refurbishment.


WDA are very excited about what BIM can offer our clients. We are noticing increased efficiency and productivity, cost savings and cost certainty. We also gain faster visualisation among many other unexpected benefits such as paper saving and improved communication.


April 2018