Class Q, Barn conversion to residential, Permitted Development

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Project Description

Formerly Class Mb and now Class Q, landowners may convert existing agricultural buildings into Class C3 residential use, subject to a number of restrictions.

A number of conditions or restrictions apply.

The maximum floor space of a building that may be converted is restricted to 450sqm within one agricultural holding.  From this you are allowed to create a maximum of three new homes (3 dwelling houses). Building works are allowed but approval is given on the basis that the existing building as it stands is capable of being used as a house.   The site must have been solely in agricultural use, as part of an agricultural unit on 20th March 2013.  If it was not in use then, when it was last in use.  If used since this date, it must have been used solely as agricultural use as part of a unit for 10 years before any development may begin.   

We have been successful in gaining many prior approvals for our clients as the examples here show. Please contact us to discuss your project further.