House On The Stour, A distinct yet discrete riverside house, Blandford

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Project Description

Contemporary riverside home in Blandford, Dorset.

This modern new dwelling sits on the site of London Derry cottages and occupies much of the same footprint.

The concept is to provide a contemporary dwelling that fits seamlessly into its natural surroundings while offering a superb riverside residence with views across the river and water meadows. The dwelling is cut into the bank making it all but invisible from Langton Road.

The high levels of glazing will reflect the trees and undergrowth surrounding it during the day while vertical timber louvres and internal blinds will limit excessive light emission at night. The vertical nature of the wooded area is reflected in the vertical cladding and stick-like metal balustrading to the terrace. The flat sedum roof will have species specifically chosen to suit the shaded conditions.

The dwelling benefits from a southern aspect, however a large roof overhand together with the surrounding trees will offer ample shading in the summer. The outdoor terrace is raised above the ground level and sits on metal stilts again accentuating the vertical nature of the site and also minimising the impact on the ground. Large sliding glazed doors onto this terrace offer a real connection with the natural environment whether inside the dwelling or outside. This three bedroom house provides modest but efficient accommodation within an attractive wooded area and the conversion of this site into a residential dwelling provides for the long term management of the site.