Hanger Farm Arts Centre, Historic barns converted to centre for the Arts, Totton

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Project Description

Sensitive restoration and conversion of heritage barns into a community facility for Totton.

This 6.5 acre site contained one of the few remaining large historic timber framed barns in the New Forest.

Western Design worked closely with English Heritage, surveying and recording every one of the 650 timbers that made up the barn, each of which had its own page in a report showing how it was to be removed, replaced, repaired or treated during the restoration.

A new auditorium and all the facilities of a small theatre were inserted into the barn in a way which was non-destructive to the existing fabric so that in theory, all the new additions could be removed leaving the original building intact.

Particular challenges involved making the building soundproof so that noise from performances could not effect neighbouring residential properties.

A historic timber framed cow shed on the site was too close to the barn but was needed as a music rehearsal space.  A steel frame was constructed around the cow shed and it was lifted in one piece and moved to a new location on the site.

This leisure building project has proved to be a huge success with numerous live music and drama productions, stand-up comedy etc taking place in the building.  There is an Art Gallery which accommodates local and touring exhibitions.  This is a great and well used community asset.

Client: Totton and Eling Town Council

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