Cherry Orchard, A luxury contemporary home in a conservation area, Poole

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Project Description

A unique luxury house in Poole, with striking full height glazing and curved house design.

Located in a conservation area in Branksome Park, Poole, this new build large contemporary five bedroom home replaces an existing bungalow. The family home incorporates a gym and pool in a secluded private garden setting. It is bold in form with a crisp white render finish.

The house features 6m high frameless glazing and consists of two geometric forms - a rectangular steel frame box and a sweeping curved concrete element, relating to the irregular plot. The centrally located entrance expresses the contrast between two different geometries. 

From the outside the large areas of glazing reflect the trees, garden and sky, helping the building become part of the landscape. As dusk draws in the house lights up and 'glows'.

This luxury contemporary house in Poole has been featured in both 'Build It' and 'Dorset' Magazines.


Credits: Professional Photos by Peter Booton, Alistair Nicholls and Luxury & Prestige.

Publications: Build It, July 2013, Dorset Magazine September 2012 (

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