Charlton Acres, Contemporary Stone House, Cann Common

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Project Description

Bold contemporary Dorset home within a landscaped setting

Located at the end of Ash Tree lane within the Village of Cann Common, the established residential plot lies adjacent to great long-distance views over far reaching hills and fields. However, the existing property, a poorly thought out bungalow with cramped garden to the rear, did not take advantage of the sun or views. 

This approved house, contemporary in style uses traditional local materials. The result is a house that will sit comfortably in its Village setting, its site, its context and in its relationship with its neighbours. The material pallette includes local Shaftesbury Greensand Stone, render and slate for the roof.

The design comprises of a detached, two storey up-side-down-house, including an open plan living area on the first floor to take advantage of the views over the hills and fields. A smaller footprint also allows the house to be pulled away from the neighbouring boundary in a position that better serves the house, dividing the front and rear gardens more equally. By locating the property in a more resolved position on its plot, it allows for landscaping opportunities, to ensure the building sits harmoniously within its setting.